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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Personalised Chocolates are the Ideal Gift

Author: Peter Barker


The average chocolate consumption per person in the United Kingdom every year is 11 kilograms, which actually makes the country the joint highest chocolate lover with the Swiss.  And they really take some beating when it comes to chocolate that is renowned across the globe!

In fact, 90% of all adults in the United Kingdom admit to eating chocolate regularly, but why? Chocolate offers one of the most luxury indulgences for a price that everybody can afford. As this is the case, sales of chocolate have continued to increase even during recent tough financial times. With the above in mind, it is all too easy to get lazy with your choice of chocolate gifts if you are buying a present. Buying a box of chocolates and giving them away does not show much effort on your part. Just because chocolate gifts are simple, it does not mean that you cannot put some thought into them.

What is the solution?
The solution is very simple. If you buy personalised chocolate, it shows that you have put some thought into the gift. People love personalised chocolate mostly because it is unexpected. A personalised solution can contain a message that means something to your partner, and this can really make the difference.
With personalised chocolate wrappers, you can give your partner a tasty gift that they can also cherish and have as a keepsake as well. By putting in that extra effort and thinking outside the box you are showing the person that you are buying the gift for that care, and, at the same time you are still buying a quality chocolate gift that you know they will love.

In fact, personalised chocolate bars are ideal for a variety of events. As well as giving them as presents you could also give them away in party bags at children's parties and even provide them at weddings for something a bit different.

One thing is for sure... Chocolate will always be a winner when it comes to treating people or giving them a gift on a special day, event or to mark a special occasion.  If you can provide your family, friends and colleagues with a personalised chocolate bar as a reasonably inexpensive gift it can become priceless to the person receiving it!

At the end of the day, chocolate gifts will continue to provide people with a unique solution for a wide range of events and will always be a firm favourite across the generations and for all ages.
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About the Author
Peter Barker is the Founder of The Chocolate Wrapper - the UKs leading on-line store for personalised chocolate bars

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