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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Chinese foods because of their mouthwatering flavors have been reigning across the food markets of the globe. Chinese restaurants and road side eateries are a common site in countries like India.

Easy Chinese Food Recipes are the hot favorites of the chef's as well. Though the dishes have originated from China, the easy availability of Chinese vegetables like capsicum, carrots, spring onions etc. brings them within the easy reach of food lovers spread around the globe.
A typical Chinese meal can be comprised of:-

1)    Appetizer like soups. Chinese menu has a wide range of soups like man chow soup, hot and sour soups, talumein soup etc.

2)    Starters like Manchurian and chilies. Chinese recipes like chicken chilies and Manchurians are ideal starters.

3)    Main course: - the main course can include the fried rice or noodles etc.

4)    Deserts: - There are no typical Chinese deserts as such. So the meal can be complimented with any desert of your choice.

Any Chinese dish like noodles or fried rice can be made using many different ingredients and there is a lot of scope to experiment and explore.  So every cook can provide an add on to the typical Chinese recipes and blend them as per the tastes of their family and friends.

For e.g. Noodles can be made out of the vegetables, meat using chicken or ham, mushrooms, eggs and so on.
If you opt for a vegetarian course then also the Chinese recipes have a lot for you to explore.  Potatoes, cheese, mushrooms or even cabbages can be easily supplemented in place of eggs and meat in all the Chinese dishes including the soups and starters.
These offers even the veggies numerous options to try from. The spicy flavors, the tangy colors, and the moth watering aroma make the Chinese cuisines a hot favorite for any meal.
There are certain ingredients which are common in every Chinese food and they are must to provide the Chinese food their original flavor and texture. These ingredients include:-
  • Sauces:-They play a very significant role in providing the base for many Chinese recipes. The typical ones include soya sauce, tomato sauce, chilly sauce etc.
  • Vinegar, corn flour and Chinese salt called aginomotto
  • Chinese vegetables which include Chinese broccoli, bamboo shoots, bitter melon, Bok Choy, Chinese dried mushroom, Chinese eggplant, Chinese garlic cheves etc.
  • Spices like garlic, onion, ginger and green chilly plays an important role in giving the Chinese recipes their authentic flavor.

Quick and Easy Chinese Recipes

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