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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuna and Thyme: Alternatives for Pasta Perfection


Pasta originally started in Italy as a staple food. They made pasta with the freshest ingredients such as wheat flour, cereals and grains. They mix it with either water or egg depending on their choice. They come freshly made to provide the best flavor in the dishes. Due to commercialization and the need for export, pasta makers developed "dried" pasta that had a longer shelf life. This allowed for a long-distance transport. The dried variants seem to have smaller dimensions but upon cooking turns back to the normal pasta size. Pasta can also produce diverse meals due to its flexibility that some people use alternative ingredients. Here are some suggestions on making a new pasta recipe.

Common Pasta Dishes
Before you can formulate your own, you have to know the existing pasta recipes. Here are the meals you should know:

- Tomato Based: These pasta dishes use crushed tomatoes as the main sauce. This method is popular with spaghetti and Bolognese dishes. One popular spice added to these dishes is garlic.

- Cream Based: These dishes use cream and cheese instead of crushed tomato as sauce. The common recipes used with this method are carbonara and marinara. This sauce's best combination is with mussels, squid, and other seafood.

- Oil Based: These dishes use edible oil as the bases for their sauces. Olive oil, along with some vegetables, is the best arrangement for these dishes.

Fundamental Pasta Dish Ingredients
Many ingredients are important to any type of pasta dish. These are the components that the meal cannot live without or can change the consistency and flavor of the traditional pasta dish. Pasta is the first on the list because this is what differentiates it from other meals. Make sure you cook the pasta "al dente" or firm otherwise consuming the meal will not be as enjoyable. Tomatoes are also necessary if you intend on making it the sauce base. There are pre-made tomato sauces available in the market for easier preparation. If you plan to use real tomato fruit, make sure to cook it for a long time until it becomes dark red.

Cheese is also important to a pasta dish. This technique originated from the old Roman tradition. The more aged the cheese is, the better. You can use different add-ons to the dish like vegetables. These may include thyme leaves, seafood and other meats. Lastly, bread provides the perfect combination for any kind of pasta dish.

Spice it Up
These days, many people have developed new ways to prepare pasta dishes. The most popular ones include tuna and thyme as ingredients. It became prominent because you can get these components for an economical price in any grocery store. The tuna is best with oil-based recipes and the thyme leaves as an alternative for basil. Visit food websites online for more information about other pasta dishes you can try.

Carl Schiller is an experienced chef who uses thyme leaves for different pasta dishes and recommends for other recipes.
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