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Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to Choose Your Wedding Cake Design


Planning a wedding can take a lot out of a bride to be, especially when it comes to the odds and ends, one of them being your wedding cake. Many brides make the mistake of waiting til the last minute to apply the finer details of the cake, but this can become a danger zone if you wait til the end to start planning. This may seem overwhelming at first, but with these few tips and tricks, designing your very own wedding cake brings out the fun and creative side to planning.

One of the many perks to designing your own wedding cake is the sampling of the many delicious flavors of cake. This is one of the very first things you do in order to start the planning process. Select your favorite bakery and make an appointment for you and your groom to go in for a sampling date. For our more bold couples, choose a few flavors to mix together or layer the cake with several different flavors to add a unique surprise for your guests. For our more laid back couples, decide between one or two flavors at the most to start the building process of your cake. Once this step is done, it is time to get creative!

One of the best things you can plan on doing is viewing fun photo galleries of cake designs that inspire you both. This is a great way to get an idea of what you are looking for. Simply narrow down the color selection by matching them closely to your wedding colors, decide on how many tiers you both want to have, and get a good idea of personal things you and your fiance like to share together. Bring this in to your baker and piece together the elements to match to the theme of your wedding. Your professional baker will be able to guide you along the way as well to bring out the absolute best features in your cake design.

The best part of designing your own wedding cake is adding in your personal touches. Incorporate memories you both have shared over the years together and add them to your cake. Add a fun cake topper to symbolize your relationship or add a few design pieces throughout your cake design to tell your story.

Every cake has a story and the best part of getting to design your own cake is the ability to tell what you two share together all in one piece. After choosing your favorite flavors, ideal design, and adding personal touches, you can book your cake in advance and cross it off your ever-ending to do list! Always remember to make your cake absolutely memorable for not only you both, but for you guests as well. Get creative and inspired! You only get married once, so why not go all out and let your imagination come to life?

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