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Friday, May 24, 2013

Garlic Bread on Texas Toast Recipe


Popular in Texas and the states surrounding it, Texas toast is generally served toasted as a side. Texas toast is a type of pre-sliced bread packed in bags, not sold toasted as the name implies. What sets it apart from other bread is that it is that the thickness of the slices is double the thickness of typical sliced bread. It is especially useful for dishes in which the bread is used to soak up liquid ingredients. Extra thickness can improve the finished product, such as in French toast.

Texas toast was reportedly first served at The Pig Stand drive-in restaurant in Beaumont, Texas, after a bakery order for thicker slices of bread resulted in slices too thick for the toaster and the cook suggested buttering and grilling them as a remedy in 1941. Although The Pig Stand's story is not contended, they failed to patent this invention. Producers of Texas toast in the United States include Wonder Bread, Mrs. Baird's, Franz Bakery, and Safeway's Lucerne foods.

In this recipe, you may use margarine or butter, whipped or not, as long as it is spreadable. The main detail to adhere to is the proper technique for producing the garlic bread on Texas toast.

Texas toast bread, unfrozen
Butter or margarine, softened
Granulated garlic powder
Paprika powder
Dried parsley

Heat oven to 400ยบ F

Select the desired number of slices from the loaf - or loaves if you are doing a large quantity. The most important thing you need to know about making Texas toast right is you need to butter both sides. Using plain, unseasoned butter or margarine coat each side of each slice of bread evenly paying attention to cover the edges so that they do not burn. Place on an un-greased shallow baking sheet as you go.
Next sprinkle as much granulated garlic as you wish onto the upward facing side of the buttered bread and follow with paprika and parsley. The paprika and parsley have a mild flavor so that the garlic will stand out, and are mainly used for the added colors. Red paprika, green parsley and white bread together represent the colors in the Italian flag. So here we have a marriage of Italy and Texas, time to "toast" the newlyweds.
Put the toast into the pre-heated oven or broiler. Bake 15 to 20 minutes or until butter is melted and bread is golden brown. This will be a richer toast than a garlic toast on a French loaf with warm buttery goodness top and bottom.

Place the toast on a plate or basket and serve warm.
Becca Knight lives in Texas and writes about it on her blog "Don't Know Much About Texas"
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Simple Tips For Making The Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies are seen as a perfect way of maintaining good health. Making a smoothie can be pretty easy but there are certain tricks that one needs to keep in mind to in order obtain the best smoothie. Some of the tips used in making the best smoothies include:
Use Yoghurt as your Base
Making a smoothie normally requires a semi liquid. Normally milk is usually used or sometimes soy. Yoghurt is seen to be the best base as it contains certain beneficial bacteria. Yoghurt is also good because it is low in calories.
Freeze Your Fruits
Frozen fruits are the best when it comes to making smoothies. Frozen fruits normally make your smoothie to be extra thick and cold. Large fruits like melons normally need to be chopped before being placed in the freezer.
Healthy All the way
If you intend to lower the content of calories in your smoothie, you can either use skimmed milk or soy milk. You can also increase the nutrition of your smoothie by using protein powder, brewer's yeast or wheat germ.
Cocoa is normally packed with lots of flavanols. These are the compounds used in making chocolates. Unlike chocolates cocoa is seen to be virtually fat free and low in calories. Adding just one teaspoon of cocoa will go a long way in boosting the health of your heart. Cocoa powder is good for butter and banana smoothies.
Extra Tips
It can be really irritating when you make a smoothie and realize that's its not thick enough. If your smoothie is coming out extra thin you can make it thicker by adding ice cubes.
When blending, it is necessary that you add the liquids first. This prevents the fruits from binding up with the liquids. Blend everything on high until it is highly blended. If the smoothie is too thick it means that you've used too much ice cubes or frozen fruits. Thinning can be done by using water, a splash of coffee or green tea. Coffee perfectly matches with smoothies made of butter, cocoa powder and bananas. Green tea on the other hand particularly goes well with peaches and strawberries. In addition, coffee and tea are seen to have beneficial antioxidants which have numerous health benefits.
The ingredients used in making smoothies are never sweet for the tongue. One can sweeten the smoothie a little bit by adding maple syrup or honey. Keep this sweeteners at a minimum in order to keep the calories level down.
Some of the ingredients used in making a punchy smoothie include:
• 1 cup of milk
• 1 cup spinach
• 1 teaspoon of honey
• A quarter cup of frozen peaches
• A quarter cup of frozen strawberries
Finally just because your smoothie has ingredients like spinach, peaches and soymilk doesn't mean that it's healthy. A healthy smoothie is one that has a low count in calorie. You need to keep an eye on the calories level of your smoothie. This will help you understand how your smoothie fits perfectly in to your diet plan. To learn more about how to make the perfect smoothie, visit

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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Delicious Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe


Honey can be easily used in many different ways without making too many efforts. It is not only a natural sweetener, but also has many other benefits. According to numerous studies and researches, honey protects your body against infections and also prevents many diseases. Usually, natural honey bee food contains royal jelly, bee propolis and bee pollen.

Daily intake in an appropriate amount means good health. Moreover, it can be easily incorporated into your diet via simple and delicious recipes. To start with, you can simply eat one tablespoon of honey with your morning tea. In the afternoon, iced tea can also be a good choice. At night, a honey bee cocktail will completely relax your mind and body. While making food for your family, you can add taste as well as health by adding just a few drops of honey.
Honey is quite healthy for your body. However, you should consider a few things while using it in home recipes.

You should not heat raw honey over 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because excessive heat causes honey to lose its medicinal properties. Honey is a natural sweetener. Therefore, you should use it in less quantity than sugar. In other words, one cup of sugar is equivalent to half or three-fourth cup of honey. Moreover, honey turns food into brown color quickly. Therefore, cooking temperature should also be low.

As mentioned earlier, natural honey has many benefits. It affects your health as well as beauty. Moreover, it can be consumed by everyone. Honey can be easily used for a lot of home remedies, home recipes and many other purposes. In fact, it can be easily bought at affordable rates. Honey also acts as a good cure for many different types of skin problems.

A Delicious Cocktail Recipe

Almost all of us attend parties or even host them on a regular basis. Most of the time, guests just want to sit back and relax. For many people, relaxation means having a few drinks and enjoying themselves. However, people are usually confused about the choice of drink to be kept in a party. As a host, a person has to keep in mind different preferences, likes and dislikes. A cocktail is often a good choice when you are confused in such circumstances. Let us tell you about the recipe of a delicious and easy-to-make cocktail:

Honey Bee cocktail.
Preparation Time - Approximately 15 Minutes
¾ oz lemon juice
1 Bottle non alcohol champagne
½ oz Honey
½ water
Lemon twist to garnish
Ice Cubes to add to the drink

First of all, you have to take a saucepan and fill it with honey and water. Heat them for some time until the mixture thickens. Once the mixture has thickened, let it cool for some time. After this, add honey syrup, lemon juice, bottle non alcohol champagne to a punch bowel. You should also add ice. Mix. Pour the drink in a cocktail glasses with ice. Garnish it with a lemon twist. Your Honey Bee cocktail is ready to be served. It will taste as sweet as honey, with some sourness from lemon and just a hint of champagne.
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