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Friday, September 3, 2010

Tips for Starting a Coffee Shop

 By: Kainoa Louis


Starting up a coffee shop can be a difficult thing to do and unless you do it right there's a good chance it could fail. The small business world much like its larger counterpart is a very aggressive and demanding world and requires new owners to be able to swim with the sharks metaphorically speaking. Though it can be difficult at first there are a few things that you can do to make your coffee shop a success.

You need to be unique to stand out and attract customers. However customers are the first thing you're going to need so you need to pick out a good location. If you're opening up a shop in a building or building your own structure you need to pick a location where there's a lot of foot and or vehicle traffic. If you pick a location where there are a lot of vehicles passing by then you will want a reasonably sized parking lot. However if you are only concerned about foot traffic then you may want to invest in a decent sized patio.

Next you need to think about the kind of coffees that you are going to offer. Certain areas have different tastes as far as coffee is concerned and some flavors don't do as well in certain areas as others. Traditional coffee is something that everyone loves so that's a good start and decaffeinated coffee is also essential to your base. While tea isn't a requirement it can help round out your beverage offerings.

After you've figured out what kind of drinks you are going to offer the next thing you need to think about is layout. If your shop is going to be both an indoor and outdoor shop then you need to make it aesthetically appealing. Essentially you need to make the outdoor furniture match the building and theme that your shop uses. After all the creature comforts have been established and you've taken care of the basic layout it's time to think of what to do to make your shop unique.

There are thousands of coffee shops in the United States alone and each one serves drinks and occasionally food. But the successful ones have something that makes them desirable and makes people want to come back repeatedly. Aside from looking appealing you could offer free wireless internet for your shop. This can be expensive but will draw those that like to surf the web or write while drinking coffee.

If you prefer to cater towards more people than just internet users however you can host events in your shop provided that it's big enough. Everything from poetry to music concerts are a great way to attract business but you have to keep the entertainment coming. Another option you have available to you is to offer your business as a gathering point for the local community. This works best if you're in a small town setting but will get the word out that your shop is a great place to relax and have fun at.

Getting a coffee shop up off the ground and running is no easy task. You have to keep the supplies stocked, keep the employee's paid, and keep the customers coming back for more. However by making your shop available to the community you can ensure that you get noticed. Offering entertainment can also make your shop a gathering place for friends and family.

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