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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to Make Apple and Banana Salad

 By: Twinomugisha Charles


If you want to learn how to make Apple and Banana Salad, you'll be pleased to know it is not a difficult undertaking. Every time is the perfect time to gather fresh Apples a fresh Bananas and make the recipe for apple and banana salad recipe. It's easy, and it's delicious. Apple and Banana Salad is one of the best Tanzanian salad recipes. On this page we will guide you about ingredients and methods of making this Tanzanian fruit salad.


•1x egg, separated

•2/3cup Sugar

•2tbl flour

•2tbl butter

•1cup water

•1tsp vanilla


1. Beat yolk of egg, Add Sugar, flour, and butter and mix thoroughly.

2. Put in saucepan and put on stove.

3. Add water and stir constantly until it boils.

4. Let this cool completely.

5. Add vanilla and gently fold in egg white which has been stiffly beaten.

6. Pour sauce over diced Apples and bananas.

Enjoy your delicious Tanzania Apple and banana salad recipe with your friend and guest.

One of the true blessings of our modern age is the all-year round availability of fresh vegetables and fruit on the shelves of supermarkets. Using them in salads is a fast and easy way to boost your health, supply your diet with vitamins and antioxidants, and ensure that your waist always stays lean.

Furthermore, did you know that fresh veggie salads eaten with the right fats on a daily basis, are one of our best protectors against coronary heart disease and cancer?

You may wish to arrange salads elegantly on large plates to celebrate the dish in the European fashion. Whichever way you choose to eat them though, salads can be a quick, refreshing and delicious part of your healthy lifestyle!

Who said that you don’t know how to cook? Having been born from a family of many girls, I was not supposed to cook when all my sisters are present but when I joined work and start to live on my own, that’s when cooking lessons became a reality.

Of course not every person like cooking but for those who enjoy to explore new foods and have the taste for delicious yummy yummy, this recipe in a must not miss.

Twinomugisha Charles is a writer who enjoys sharing his knowledge on various topics about Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. His website,, More of his articles can be found at Step by Step to Make Apple and Banana Salad Recipe and at Best Kenyan Food Cooking Tips

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