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Monday, September 13, 2010

Moroccan Recipes To Impress Your Dinner Party Guests

 by Seomul Evans


If you really want to have a dinner party that will be the talk of the town, use go ahead and throw a Moroccan dinner party with Moroccan recipes.  Moroccan recipes sound exotic and they are; but as recipes go, they are easy to make if you have the right ingredients and a Moroccan tagine.  Tagines are a type of clay pot with a lid that is used to cook Moroccan food.  

Yes, Moroccan recipes seem to be exotic and very elaborate, but they are wonderfully easy to make and healthy as well. You can easily plan a Moroccan dinner party for your guests by finding some easy to make Moroccan recipes online and creating them in tagines. You can have quite an impressive dinner party when you build it around Moroccan food. 

Where to Find Moroccan Recipes

Years ago, you had to buy a Moroccan cookbook in order to learn how to make Moroccan recipes.  Today, thanks to the internet, you can come up with hundreds of Moroccan recipes literally at your fingettips.  Most of them are easy to make and are also very healthy. What's more, the ingredients are readily available at most grocery stores.  When you cook your Moroccan recipes in tagines, you can not only keep the flavor and nutrients in to the vegetables, but you also will blend the spices and flavors together.

Using Tagines in Moroccan Recipes

Tagines do double duty when it comes to creating Moroccan recipes.  They will not only cook the food quickly and allow the foods to retain their flavor, but they are also attractive to put on the table.  You can put the tagines on the table that contain the Moroccan recipes and have your dinner party served family style.  Give everyone a plate and have serving spoons for the Moroccan recipes inside the tagines and have them help themselves. 

If you really want your dinner party to be authentic, you can impress your guests by adding some Moroccan dcor to the party.  Along with the Moroccan recipes, you can put in some fabrics and even table lamps that feature Moroccan decor. 

Whipping up Moroccan Recipes

Moroccan food is not difficult to make, in fact, Moroccan cookie is rather easy.   You can prepare your meals in the tagines and then cook them for the appropriate time for the dinner party.  For appetizers, be sure to serve some Moroccan olives, flatbread and cheese.  You should also serve Moroccan mint tea for an after dinner drink.  Moroccan mint tea is a tasty treat and is good both hot and cold. 

Moroccan recipes are generally spicy and have a mild kick to them.  You can purchase spices to make your Moroccan recipes in the local supermarket.  Once you have the spices that you need to create the Moroccan recipes and are familiar with Moroccan cuisine, you will be able to whip up Moroccan food easily not only for dinner guests but your entire family. 

Celebrate the foods of Northern Africa by having a Moroccan cuisine themed dinner party.  Your guests will have a good time trying the delicious Moroccan food and you will have no problem trying to find the best Moroccan recipes right online.   If you really want to make a statement for a dinner party, hold a Moroccan dinner party featuring Moroccan recipes.

Seomul Evans is a senior Internet Marketing Services expert with The Moroccan Bazaar a Dallas base Moroccan Decor Retailer offering free Moroccan Cuisine Recipes

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