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Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 baking sheet mistakes that you must avoid!

 By: Samuel Brown


If you find that your cookies keep coming out unevenly baked it means you are making some mistakes somewhere along the line. It could be that you're not using the correct amount of a specific ingredient, or it could be that your oven is out - these are some of the obvious places where things can go wrong. If these are not the cause of the problem then you may want to take a closer look at your baking sheet, these have a big effect on how your homemade cookies turn out, in this article we'll take a look at some of the baking sheet related mistakes that can cause your cookies to come out wrong.

Mistake #1: Thinking that all baking sheets are created equal

If you are looking for a baking sheet to purchase it will quickly become clear that there are several different types to choose from, however just randomly choosing the first one you see is not a good idea, because not all baking sheets are created equal. If you only have the budget to buy one baking sheet then you should purchase a shiny aluminium one. These sheets allow your cookies to bake quickly and ensure that they brown evenly as well. They also don't warp so you can expect to use it over and over again for a very long time. However, you should avoid aluminium baking sheets with a dark finish as they absorb more heat and may result in an overcooked batch of cookies.

Mistake #2: Buying a baking sheet that is too big

Before you purchase a baking sheet you need to measure the width of your oven, because you will get the best results if you leave 2 inches between the baking sheet and the oven wall on either side. This gap will allow air to circulate and help the cookies to bake evenly.

Mistake #3: Putting cookie dough onto a hot baking sheet

When your first batch of cookies are done, and you want to put more cookie dough onto the baking sheet make sure you allow the baking sheet to cool first. If not the cookie dough will start to spread before it gets to the oven and the butter will start to melt, this is a recipe for disaster. You can cool the baking sheet quickly by running it under the cold water tap and then drying it.

Avoiding these simple but common mistakes will help you to become a cookie baking pro!

This article was written by Samuel Brown, a baking enthusiast and a keen writer, he is the owner of a popular online store that sells cookie cutters and cookie cutter sets.
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