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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food in Israel: truly amazing

by Annie Anthony


 Israel is a very small city but tourists from all over the world visit Israel and love this place. The Israel food taste comprises of ashkenazic and Sephardic cooking. The ashkenazic cooking style is sweeter whereas the Sephardic cooking style is full of spices and herbs. A combination of both these cooking styles is also loved by people. The Israel food taste mainly comprises of the use of fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products but changes in cooking style are also made to bring in new delicacies.

There is a lot of variety in the food in Israel. Some of the very popular foods in Israel include hummus i.e. a chick pea dip served with peta bread, falafel which is chick pea made into balls and fried served with peta bread or salad, shawarma made of lamb or beef served with peta bread or lafa, limonana- Israel lemonade, etc. In Israel, the weather remains pleasant throughout the year which makes street food very popular in Israel.

Tel aviv is an amazing place in Israel full of energy, liveliness and enthusiasm. Almost half of the population of Israel lives in the small city of tel aviv. The day trips tel aviv includes excursion to beautiful places like jaffa and eilat which are nearby tel aviv. The food tour in tel aviv is also organized by various tour operators where the detailed knowledge of the food in Israel is given to the tourists. The tourists learn to cook and taste different food in Israel during food tour in tel aviv. Day trips tel aviv are very amazing because the tour of entire city is done in a day.

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