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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Salmon Sushi



Salmon sushi is becoming more common. Sushi itself has become increasing popular in the United States within the past thirty years. It's decorative design and array of possible ingredients makes it a benefit to any party. The number of ingredients that can be used in sushi is practically endless, however, salmon is a very popular ingredient and for many good reasons.
Sushi is in itself a nutritious food choice. It is low in artificial substances and low in sugars. Sushi can be made with different flavorful and nutritious vegetables and fishes adding to its appeal. Salmon is a good addition for sushi because it is highly nutritious even by itself.
Studies have shown that salmon is high in Vitamin D. This is very important especially during the winter months when the sun is not around to give its high amount of required vitamin D. Salmon is also high in Magnesium and Selenium and, of course, Omega 3 vitamins and minerals. An added benefit of eating salmon is that it is low in Mercury.
Sushi lovers often choose salmon for its taste. Salmon, with its light pink color, is not a heavy fish. It doesn't smell fishy or taste heavy. It is soft and light and delicate. There are also many versions of salmon a person can use for their sushi. Fresh salmon is, of course, an excellent choice, however it is good not to overlook the benefits of smoked salmon or canned salmon as well.
There are many ways you can eat salmon with your sushi. You can add salmon to your basic sushi ingredients of flavored rice and nori by adding the salmon in the sushi roll. You can also add in other vegetables to the roll. Popular vegetables include sliced cucumbers or carrots. Another option would be avocado and salmon rolls. Probably the most popular choice would be salmon and cream cheese sushi rolls. The combination is endless. Whatever you like with salmon, can be rolled into sushi.
Another option for salmon sushi it to mix tiny pieces of smoked salmon into the prepared rice and vinegar and roll it with the nori wrap. This is simple and mixes the flavors of the salmon and rice very well. It is a particularly good choice for those who really do not like to eat much fish, but know they should because the flavors are more subtle in the salmon and rice mixture.
If you love the taste of salmon, just placing a square of fresh raw salmon over a ball of rice mixture and covered with a small bit of nori can be a perfect appetizer. Sushi salmon is a tasteful treat for any sushi lover. Just remember to follow all safety guidelines for serving raw fish.
Alan Stables is a fan of sushi. Sometimes he likes to buy all the sushi ingredients himself to make his speciality, salmon sushi , and other times Alan is quite happy to get a sushi takeaway. Either way Alan just loves the world of sushi.
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