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Monday, January 2, 2012

Japanese Way Of Having Shrimp

By: makjones


You may have eaten shrimp in your way as served in many popular restaurants. But, the Japanese have their own style of eating shrimps. They simply prepare in their own way and the actual size is a little larger than the popular available variety.

Their smaller cousins are more easily available but the larger ones are more favorable and really tastes good. The smaller varieties of shrimps are generally available as frozen foods. You could find them in regular grocery stores. One of the most popular dishes is the Trio, a common Japanese menu and it is also very popular. You can find it in most of the restaurants.

Can you imagine a seafood treat without lobster, will it be enjoying? Yes, you can start with crab cakes accompanied by buns and rolls will certainly be wonderful. But, there is nothing comparable to lobsters. It gives you a feel of happening seafood and it could be one of the favorites as dinner a platter. But there is hardly anything like the Maine lobster, which really tastes delicious. If you choose this, then it will be really the most happening seafood party for a long time to come. So, if you plan to have lobster for your lunch or dinner, then Maine is the right answer.

Well, returning to the Japanese shrimp dishes, apart from the Trio, there is another one which is mixed with spices and sauces and the shrimp is included with beef, chicken, scallions and a type of homemade Teriyaki blended secret sauce. This makes up the bulk of the main course of the menu. The smaller shrimps are more suited for salads and sandwiches and they are generally found in the cold waters. For rare occasions shrimp salads are ideal for family get-togethers. It will also help to spend your time with extended family or Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

Maine is said to be the most mesmerizing seafood destination of America, since it is also the lobster capital of the world. Whether you order face to face or through online, you will get that same taste of the world famous Maine lobster. Whether you plan to cook all by yourself, then you should follow some simple tips, like cooking it immediately neither it will rot. Your memories may have gone to childhood; some of the favorites were Moms apple pie and Grannys shrimp salad. Yes they were really delicious and the taste is still encapsulated in the taste buds.

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