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Friday, January 13, 2012

Italian Vegetarian Recipes



Bread and pasta are both high GI food. Meaning? Huh? High GI means they are difficult to digest and are best had after a rigorous workout as thats the time the body has the highest capacity to digest really fast. So the only time you can relish your spaghetti and pesto aubergine sandwich is after sweating it at the gym? Fat chance. Most people workout either early in the morning, or late in the evening. Where are they going to fit in this yummy meal? Can you imagine slurping on spaghetti at eight in the morning? Guess not. Well, with so many whole wheat pasta options and semolina brands, and whole wheat breads available, you dont really have to restrict yourself to having these scrumptious delicacies after running on the treadmill. Italian cooking is wholesome and flavourful. The Italian Vege consist of more and more dishes like Potato Mushroom and Chives Gnocchi, Pasta - Penne Pesto, Cheese and Mushroom Calzone, Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon Vanilla Panna Cotta with Wine and Fresh Cherry Sauce.

And when they are made with homemade pasta sauce, loaded with seasonal veggies, the chances of it converting to fat are well, FAT! Italian food can be made healthy and light at the same time. Add spinach to your white sauce pasta and there you have a nutritionally loaded dish. Add walnuts and fresh garlic to your pesto, and there you have a cholesterol friendly dish. Add fresh parsley and basil leaves to your aglio olio in garlic oil, and you have a smashingly healthy and light vegetarian, Veg Italian recipes. So stop blaming Italian food for your love handles, if had correctly with the right amount of physical activity, it can actually help you melt those sides.

The Menu:

Spinach, Corn, Artichoke Farfalle
Marinated Grilled Aubergine with Aglio Olio
Pesto Bell Pepper Mania
Aglio Olio with Herb Garden
Red Hot Penne Arrabiata

Kinjal says, join me on this culinary adventure as I experiment with various vegetarian dishes in my kitchen. Till about two years ago, cooking was more like putting a slice of cheese between bread and calling it food. But today its about delicate flavours, wonderful aromas and tickling taste-buds. And guess what; its so darn easy! I am Kinjal Darukhanawala and through this blog, I intend to promote yummy vegetarian concoctions, which are also healthy! Whether you have recently turned veg or have been one forever, this blog will give you ideas to spice up your mundane meals by adding small twists. To your health then!

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