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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Custardy Caramel Mexican Dessert - Flan



The elegant, sumptuous vanilla-infused custard with asweet caramel top layer is absolutely an ultimate dessert to finish off a meal. The coconut version of the flan, as telecasted on a food show of my HD television connected to Dish TV Offers tempted me to make the original classic Mexican dessert that has been passed on from generations to the family. This simple creamy custard dessert serves as a finest portion of a meal and is a favorite among those who has a sweet tooth. Flan is a slow cooked dish and is normally made with whole eggs, cream or milk with a caramel coating and appropriated flavorings that includes vanilla, almonds, pistachio, lemon, pumpkin and various other fruits. The various flavors relate to the creation of different types of flans like Asparagus Flan, Sweet Potato Flan, Coffee Flan, Chocolate Flan, Cheese Flan and Sweet Corn Flan and other fruit flavored ones.

A coffee flan is a great variation of the Spanish flan and a cheese flan is similar to cheesecake but has a more refined texture. Mexican flan is very similar to the original Spanish flan recipe but with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. The English custard flan has a unique crust but is otherwise similar to the Spanish style flan. Flan is very simple dessert and easy to make and there is nothing like devouring a tasty, delicious flan that indulges you into a sweet world.

Though it is a popular dessert in Spain and Mexico, where it is a staple dessert and is famous in the kitchens of the rich and the poor, its origin can be traced to the ancient Rome. It's believed that, in Rome, the abundant and surplus food commodities like eggs and with the infusion of Greek's knowledge of the art of cooking led to the creation of a custardy concoction known as flan. Originally a savory dish like an eel flan, it was later concocted into a very nice sweet flan with honey flavor. Unlike in Rome where the citrus and almond flavor became a hit, in Spain it became sweet custard generally made with caramelized sugar. With the discovery of Central and South America, the richness of the flan was introduced to the people by Christopher Columbus who brought the delicious dessert to these lands which underwent various twists in its various custardy forms. In the European region, it was famous as a crusty dessert, with their love for pastry crusts. This one makes use of a pastry shell with an open top filled with custard and often mixed with nuts or fruit. This simple economic dessert appeals to all classes and masses without any distinction.

The key success to any recipe is to follow exact and precise measurements and paying attention to all the details as in the case of flan. Read on below for the recipe of this delectable treat. All you need to make a delicious flan is a tart mould or a tart pan or molds fitted with a lid that clips on securely. First pre-heat your oven to 325 degree and then start to assemble the ingredients. Prepare the caramel by adding one cup of sugar into the pan and stir until the sugar turns brown into caramel. Add this to your baking tart pan or mould. For the custard blend six large eggs and 4-ounce can sweeten condensed milk and 2 13-ounce cans evaporated milk, slowly incorporating half-a-cup of sugar and then vanilla into a smooth mixture. Transfer the custard to the mould, place it in a baking dish filled with water and bake for 45 minutes. Enjoy your custardy caramel dessert!

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Tina is a food fanatic and likes to write about classic foods like flan. Tina watches food shows on her television connected by Dish TV Offers that telecasts different types of flan and attempts to re-create the variations of flans that she gets from the food shows.

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