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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wheat Grass Versus Barley Grass: The Health Benefits Compared

by RainforestFoods


 Wheat grass and barley grass are young cereal grasses which have become well known as powerful natural food supplements.  Both are "��green foods"��, closely related to dark green leafy vegetables. However, the density of nutrients in both grasses far outweighs that of leafy vegetables "�" an ounce of either wheatgrass or barley grass contains much higher levels of phytonutrients than an ounce of green vegetables. This powerful nutritional punch gives them a whole host of health benefits, but in comparison which one fares best? Rainforest Foods ( compares wheatgrass benefits with the health benefits of barley grass.

Both barley grass and wheatgrass contain high concentrations of chlorophyll, the phytochemical that gives plants their green appearance. Chlorophyll carries out the same oxygenation function in plants as red pigment haemoglobin does in humans and it is thought that including chlorophyll in your diet can help to control some bacteria that cause diseases, as well as improving internal odours and halitosis. There is very little difference between the chlorophyll levels in barley grass and wheatgrass, so any health benefits gained from taking these as natural food supplements can be achieved by taking either one.

Studies with both grasses have showed that adding them to one"��s diet could help cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well as the body"��s immune system (again, largely due to both containing chlorophyll). It could be argued that barley grass benefits slightly outweigh those of wheatgrass due to the fact that barley grass can provide one"��s sole nutritional support through one"��s life. It also reduces free radicals in the bloodstream, reducing inflammation and pain. However, those who buy wheatgrass for a health boost could counter-argue that the benefits of wheatgrass juice powder or capsules also include the reduction of inflammation thanks to wheatgrass"��s "��gluco-protein"�� P4D1 which acts in the same way as an antioxidant, and wheatgrass may even be able to assist the body in attacking cancerous cells.

There are impressive claims made in both "��camps"��: those who have been including a wheatgrass detox in their health regimen for years swear by this cereal, while fans of barley grass argue that you can achieve the same (if not greater) health benefits taking the "��sister"�� cereal barley. In fact, however, there is very little nutritional difference between barley grass and wheatgrass and in fact they share many of the health benefits. Adding either one or both to your diet in powder (to make a juice) or capsule form can provide an excellent nutritional boost and could well improve your health in a number of areas. You can read more about both of these "��superfoods"��, as well as many others, at

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