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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weave magic into your meals with Gourmet Cooking

By: Rubel Zaman


In the words of Virginia Woolf, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." Food is an essential part of our existence, but for some people it is much more than filling up the stomach and appeasing the appetite. To them food is a celebration, a coming together of fine ingredients, and the marriage of rich flavors with mesmerizing aromas. For those who worship fine food, gourmet cooking is the appetizing answer to all their cravings.

If you are looking for gourmet cuisine, you will easily find it in many of the select restaurants in your city. The good thing is that you can even try gourmet cooking in your very own kitchen, and cook up magical recipes that are meant to thoroughly delight the senses. Invite your friends and family home and surprise them with any of your gourmet dishes, and you can be sure that your epicurean meal will be a hot point of discussion among them.

To start with, you can self teach yourself about the various styles of gourmet cooking through the internet or books. The internet is replete with websites that provide vital information on this refined style of cooking, and your local bookstore can also be a treasure cove of useful gourmet recipe books. There are plenty of gourmet chefs who conduct culinary art classes, and you could register for one of these too. The idea is to learn the basic skills and add your very own flavor to it- after all your distinct personality also needs to be a part of the haute cuisine.

Gourmet cooking is an art, and demands a good amount of your time and patience before you reach perfection. However, it’s not just hard work and perseverance all the way; you reap the rewards as you discover small little secrets of fine dining and cooking.

Turning a mundane day into an inspiring one, gourmet cooking is what you need to add that fine touch of elegance and subtle flavor to your meals. You can now bring in the tantalizing flavors and aromas of a gourmet restaurant into your home. Lure your friends and family with any of your enticing gourmet meals, and your dinner table will be flowing with compliments.

The right way to prepare a sumptuous gourmet meal is to flavor it right, garnish it to perfection, and prepare it with excellence. When you give your heart and soul to your cooking, you can be certain to get nothing but the best results.

Gourmet cooking need not always be lavish and unhealthy. In restaurants gourmet chefs often make use of full fat products such as cream, margarine, and fat meat. In your kitchen you can comfortably experiment with more healthy options such as olive oil and butter. Keeping it simple and healthy can also help you cook up a mouth-watering gourmet dish.

Go ahead and light up those candles, embellish the dining table, get your choicest cutlery out, and serve your exquisitely prepared gourmet meal for the day.

If you enjoy fine dining, why not try some delicious truffle oil in your cooking, or even buy truffles online fresh from Italy.
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