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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Japanese Cuisines - Some Of The Of The Famous Japanese Dishes

by Chan Jong


Japanese Recipes - How to make Sushi RollsJapanese food purely puts one in an uplifting mood. The unique taste and preparation with which the food comes are really too good to get ignored. You can more or less feel the traditions of the Japanese people simply through its food.But this search for Japanese cuisine need not be disregarded just because you don't have the money to splurge  on expensive Japanese restaurants. It is possible to have the Japanese food experience even in your own home. Here are some Japanese cooking recipes which will definitely guide you to a luxurious yet inexpensive home-made dinner.Onigiri Onigiri are the standard Japanese rice balls. They sometimes have a filling, more often than not fish. They are very common among the Japanese and are oftentimes found inside students' bento boxes. Making your own onigiri is very easy. You only need Japanese rice and make sure it's freshly-cooked. You also require a little salt for flavoring and the nori seaweed that will act as the covering or plaster of the ball of rice. The seaweed will hold the ball in place. Before shaping the rice into a ball, create a dent at the center. Fill this dent with your selection of stuffing. You could opt for salmon or pickles or what have you. After putting in the filling, you may start shaping the rice into a ball and wrapping it afterwards with the seaweed.Tonkatsu Tonkatsu is a great non-veg dinner recipe. Its generally meat, frequently pork chops that is rolled in flour and bread crumbs prior to sinking them in egg. This is then again rolled in a layer of bread crumbs and later deep fried till it becomes golden brown.Most Japanese prefer their dinner with veggies on the side so you might try it, too. After all, the cooking adds up to the tempting allure of Japanese food.

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