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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Traditional recipes from the Middle East

 by kiron


The Middle Eastern cuisine is very paradoxical because it is diverse while having a certain degree of homogeneity. The cuisine has an Ottoman regime touch in it. There are some commonly used ingredients like olives and olive oil, pitas (round bread), honey, sesame seeds, sumac (flowering plant), chickpeas, mint and parsley. Some famous dishes that are rejoiced all around the world are kibbeh (rice and chopped meat) and shawarma (sandwich-like wrap with variations of chicken, lamb or goat).They also have popular alcoholic drink called the ‘arak'. There are many traditional recipes from the Middle East that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Foods like hummus and lamb contain taste and nutrition.

The traditional recipes of the Middle East include flat bread, lentils, fresh fruits and nuts, raw vegetables, lamb, beef, goat cheese and different types of yogurt.

Lamb is an integral part of any traditional recipe. It is a versatile meat that can be marinate, baked, grilled, broiled or fried.

Besides preparations from lamb, hummus is another traditional recipe that has gained popularity over the years, thanks to its exposure to the west. It is a very nutritious recipe made of chickpeas and garlic.

The kebabs are a delicacy enjoyed in all parts of the world. Made from variations of chicken and lamb, kebab corners are found at roadside restaurants across Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Besides the kebabs and the meat dishes, the Israeli salad is a simple dish that consists of tomatoes, onion and bell pepper. This salad is a compliment to any Middle Eastern meal.

And if you feel that a lot has been discussed about meat, then let's go to the sweet! Lokma is Turkish fried sweet dough covered in simple syrup. It is generally used as an accompaniment to coffee.

Knefe is a traditional Lebanese dessert made with phyllo (paper-thin sheets of flour dough) and cheese.
So a rich cuisine and a great variety to explore and choose from- Israeli, Lebanese, Turkish and the list just goes on!

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