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Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips on How to Successful Bake a Cake


I really do enjoy baking and like many people the enjoyment is just as much in the appearance of the finished articles and seeing how much people are enjoying it as how it tastes to me. I love the step-by-step preparations and that little panicked moment you get when you wonder whether it'll turn out how you plan. I think it's great that you can start off with a normal run of the mill Victoria sponge and turn it into something amazing which suits the occasion it's made for.
If you're new to baking or simply love learning new things I hope you enjoy the following suggestions and tips for baking. I'd love to hear anything you may have to suggest too as I always love to learn. Enjoy!
Things to consider when baking-
• Although nuts are lovely and the perfect accompaniment to many flavours in food if you're baking for people you don't know it's wise to avoid them. You may have someone who is allergic and it would be a shame to create a situation when you could simple miss them out of the recipe.
• Don't forget that cakes carry on baking for a few minutes after they come out of the oven so if they look almost done it's probably wise to bring them out and they'll finish off as they're cooling off on the rack. There is nothing worse than a dry cake!
• Always bake more if you're decorating them! Whether it's due to practicing your decorating design or clumsiness it's always wise to bake a few more cake popes or cupcakes just in case you have to through some away.
• Don't forget it's always worth spending an extra few minutes greasing your cake tins. Like most people I've been known to rush this part of the recipe; thinking it's not important and it's slightly boring but if this isn't done properly all the hard work you've gone to in baking the cake goes to waste because your cake will stick to the case and fall a part which is no good.
• Spend a little while decorating your cake, it doesn't have to be much but a little decoration on top really gives it the wow factor! People eat with their eyes before their mouths so if it looks amazing, it'll taste amazing!
• Learn when enough is enough! It's a little like decorating a Christmas tree, you can get a little carried away and before you know it, it looks a little overwhelming. Keep it simple yet beautiful.
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