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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baking Different Types Of Cake For Different Occasions


Birthdays can seem like they're all celebrated the same way, going out for a meal with friends or family and ending the night by going to the pub for a few drinks. For many this can become almost like a chore, and they'd much rather get together with a group of people and go out somewhere new that they've never been to before. As a way of changing different celebrations people could try a number of things, making suggestions is the most obvious, but also deciding to bake a different kind of cake, which could spark everyone into realising they always do the same thing for every occasion.
A victoria sponge cake is the staple English cake, and always appreciated by anyone who eats it. These are usually baked for people's birthdays, and can seem like a really boring cake once you've had it a few times. To mix things up, baking a different cake for birthdays is a great start, but ensure victoria sponge cake is still used for occasions such as christenings or baptisms, as these are occasions not many people celebrate, meaning the cake will always be appreciated.

Birthday cakes can be switched to something slightly more obscure, such as peach filled cupcakes. These are simple cupcakes made with a sponge recipe, however they contain a peach in the middle which is still slightly gooey, meaning there's a surprise at the centre of every cupcake for people to discover as soon as they bite into it. These can be lightly decorated with icing and candles to make up the numbers for a birthday cake, and they introduce fruit as a treat to children, a concept not commonly taut with foods such as chocolate so freely available.

Key lime pie, whilst not necessarily being a cake, can be used to spice up celebrations such as anniversaries for someone's parent's wedding or their own. Since the cake has no specific occasion to be used for, it could form the basis of meeting new people. As new neighbours move onto a street people could go over to them with a key lime pie as a sort of house warming present, since it has key in the name. This works as a great ice-breaker and could make people feel very welcomed onto the street of their new home.

Changing the use of cakes like this is the first step on the road to having a range of new and different celebrations for different occasions. It's always nice to slip back into the old routine and have victoria sponge with a birthday, but many people want to change things up, and this is a tame and subtle but effective way of doing so.

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