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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to make delicious sushi rice

by w124e32o

There are many kinds of sushi. For example, there are classic cases which is sushi(hand-rolled sushi),sushi roll, sushi pocket. In addition, there are pressed sushi, sushi bawl, TEMARI sushi(which is the shape of small ball.),etc. That it is common is the Japanese food for which they use rice.The heading which I would like to mention first is about the rice.
If it says why I would like to talk about rice, it is because the knowledge about the rice which is an important point is required to make delicious sushi. Even if it can arrange however quality and fresh foods, if rice is bad,we cannot make delicious sushi.

Well, I itemize some points for making delicious sushi rice below.

* Choice: In order to make sushi rice, the rice which is moderately sticky
is good. When making sushi, the rice with strong stickiness is easily collapsed, and it is sloppy texture. If sushi rice is made from rice without stickiness. since it does not have adhesive power, the rice does not stick each other,and then it does not get a form of sushi well. The kind of rice chosen in Japan is sasanisiki. In the overseas, is it
Californian rice? If you can not get the both kinds of rice, there is a good way. When cooking rice, glutinous rice of several percent is added. Let's adjust in order to take out moderate stickiness.

Next, an important point is rice cleaning.

* Rice creaning: When cleaning rice, do no put much power.Because the flavor ingredient of rice is also lost.Let's replace water several times cleaning rice until water gets clear. It cleans quickly so that excessive moisture may not be included in rice. If it finishes cleaning rice, excessive water will fully be drained with a colander.

The 3rd point is how to cook rice.

*Cook rice: Before cooking rice, rice is soaked in water about 30 minutes.Although it is convenient if there is a rice cooker, even if it uses a pot, sufficiently delicious rice can be cooked. The quantity of the water put into a pan is 200ml of water to rice 180ml. How to cook the rice in a pan.The pan is covered, and it cooks over middle-high heat until it boils for about 10 to 15 minutes. If it begins to boil strongly, it will lower the heat and will heat it for 5 more minutes. If a lid is opened and
surface of moisture disappears, fire will be stopped and rice will be steamed for 10 minutes. It is completion, when opening a lid iafter 10 minutes and turning up the whole rice with a flat wooden spoon.

The base of delicious sushi rice was done in the above-mentioned explanation.How to make sushi rice briefly is explained from here.

1. A sushi box is prepared and the inner side of that is wiped with the wet

2. Cooked rice is moved from a pan to a sushi box, and the cooked rice is
placed so that it may spread in the whole sushi box.

3. A proper quantity of sushi vinegar is added to the cooked rice,
turning a sushi box with the left hand (right hand), the cooked rice
is mixed so that a character may be written with the flat wooden spoon
which it had with its dominant hand. Let's mix the cooked rice,
sometimes cooling with a fan. (Notice:At first, since the cooked rice
is hot, be sufficiently careful of a burn.)

Getting to know the feature of foods to make delicious sushi, I think that we can make it if the feature can be used efficiently.

I am working for the Japanese food manufacture company for 20 years.
For three years of them, I worked in the frozen sushi section and worked for the company which has over 30 sushi shops in Hong Kong as the generalization department manager after that.


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