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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Give Your Meals Some Spice

By Ryan Coisson

If you eat a lot of meals at your home and you are usually the one who is in charge of cooking, you know that it can sometimes be hard to think of new and creative uses for your food. I encourage everyone to try out new dishes with the hope that they will turn out to be delicious. Sometimes, these meals work out great and other times, they just teach us what not to cook again. However, I have found one way that we can all add a little spice to our daily meals and I will admit that this is a pretty obvious alternative.

There are so many incredible spices that we can use to increase the flavor of our foods. From spices like sweet paprika to curry, we can bring our foods alive just by adding a little spice. For example, sweet paprika can be added to a variety of foods which makes it a very useable spice. Add it to salads, sides like beans or potatoes, or main dishes like stews or fish.

This spice adds a depth to the food and gives it a little edge. All of this is done with just a simple sprinkle from a spice jar. That is not much work at all when you consider all of the great flavors that it lets us enjoy in our meals. Hopefully, we can all enjoy the food we eat more and think of new uses for our foods by adding some spices to our lives.

Pendery's ( is about sweet paprika. Ryan Coisson is a freelance writer.

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