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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top 7 Energy Boosting Foods


A fast-faced lifestyle is very tiring and undeniably most people are into it. It is actually a must for every individual with a fast-faced lifestyle to stay awake when needed particularly in attending to their daily job. However, there will surely time that your body becomes tired and you may not be able to stay energized the whole day. It is really tough to fight those midday yawns and sleepy eyes each time you're at the brink of falling asleep while at work. Of course, the best way to get the body energize is to take a nap, however this is not possible if you are at work. Therefore, you must know the right food to consume in your meals everyday to boost your energy level. These foods should help you stay energize until you fulfill your daily routine at the office.
As the day starts, you must already know how to revitalize your body if you get tired. Therefore, eating your breakfast is a must not only because it is the most important meal of the day but also because the foods that are served in your daily breakfast are energy boosting foods. Below are the top 10 energy boosting foods you may include in your daily meal.
  1. Whole grain products -This is perfect for your daily breakfast. It is a fiber rich food which makes digestion easier. It also contains anti-oxidant which is good for your skin. In addition, it helps in reducing the risks of having cancerous cells, diabetes and heart ailment.

  2. Oatmeal -The American Dietetic Association testified that oatmeal is one of the best suppliers of soluble fiber and when combined with raisins or low-fat yogurt gives it gives an individual jam-packed energy throughout the day. Oatmeal is among the perfect breakfast menu for diabetic people.

  3. Fresh Clean Banana- As everybody knows, this fruit is not just yummy but it is also rich in potassium which is ideal for pregnant women and for people having muscle contraction problems. A piece of a fresh sweet banana a day helps thwart stiffness from sitting long hours at the office.

  4. Sweet Orange Juice- This is not just energy giving fruit but it is also rich in amino acid or commonly called vitamin C. Vitamin C is important to boost our immune system. Once the immune system is at its best your body will surely have sufficient energy to comply all your daily tasks.

  5. Pasta dish- Pasta dishes are loaded with carbohydrates. Most athletes today eat a plate of any pasta dish before going to the game. But you must also make sure that the pasta dish is low in calories, fatty acids and sodium to make it a perfect energy boosting meal.

  6. Fish and salmon- Fish are abundant with protein, omega3 and vitamin B which are ideal for your cardio-vascular wellness.

  7. Beans- These are loaded with several nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to fulfill its daily tasks. Consume beans in a creative way to make your every meal flavorful. You can add it in soup and pasta dishes. According to the America's Department of Agriculture, a person must consume 3 cups of beans weekly to revitalize her or his body.
The energy boosting foods listed above are just an example of foods that provides energy. There are more lists you can find in the internet or by asking your dietician. Dieticians can surely provide you the best lists you are looking for.
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