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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Four Famous Beijing Dishes



Beijing, a city famed world wide for its great mix of culture and history. That's not all this fantastic destination has to offer though; if you take a trip out on any of the great Beijing tours you'll discover some of the delicious food treats available in the city too. This article takes a look at a few of the most famous Beijing dishes.
Starting with one of the lesser know dishes, we have the tasty Chinese Hot Pot. This delicate dish is cooked for just 15 seconds, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's uncaring fast food. The short cooking time allows the dish to retain more if its delicate flavours and to lock in more vitamins. The hot pot does live up to its name in more than one way too, as the dish is usually spiced with chilies.
Next up we have a slightly more homely taste, with the brilliant Chinese Dumplings. These sweet meaty treats are made up of a mix of vegetables, Chinese spices and meats; all of which varies depending on the chef. The dish is most often associated with the Chinese New Year festivals because of the traditions to eat a dumpling at midnight on new year's eve and again for breakfast on new year day. If you ask any of the locals their favourite foods, chances are the dumplings would rate highly on their lists.
Time for another more uncommon meal in the west, Peking Court Cuisine. As the name would suggest, this meal consists of dishes more traditionally eaten at the imperial court. Most of the ancient dynasties had their own imperial kitchens and from these came a whole range of great dishes. The Court Cuisine of today is heavily based on recipes from the Qing imperial kitchens.
Our final and undoubtedly most famous Chinese dish is the Peking Roast Duck. This dish has a reputation of being one of the most delicious foods that Beijing has to offer. With its sweet, rich, meat and tasty sauce it's a taste experience to be savored. Many people who visit the region agree that it's one of the 'must experience' events while on a Beijing holiday, with the other being a climb of the Great Wall.
This is just a small taste of all the great foods you can enjoy while in this great region and if you head out on one of the wider China tours then theirs even more to be discovered.
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