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Friday, August 12, 2011

Asparagus on Toast



I'm crazy about asparagus. When the spears start popping in spring, there is a local market with 10 lb. bags for a great price.
The Steal-head start their spring run here in South Western Lower Michigan and with some good bread, what a wonderful meal. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner it's fantastic.
The city of Hart, Michigan celebrates complete with a parade and asparagus queen. Fun time and good eats.
Picking Asparagus
Get It Fresh While You Can Growers have a short window to harvest the tasty spikes. The plant pops up out of the ground and is snipped off. as more pops up they keep picking till the spears become fat and Woodie. Not as tasty and tender then.
The plant will start to become bushy and go to seed.
If you plan to add Asparagus to your garden it can take up to two years before you are able to pick and consume. Very well worth the wait.
White Sauce
There are many theories on white sauces. I say it's just a fancy word to us down home people for gravy. I always add the rue element to any gravy of sauce. Browning the flour always gives it a nutty flavor rather than just having that raw flour taste.
No matter if your using butter, olive oil, or some of the fat from browning meat, I always cook my flour till it becomes a light golden brown. Even brick red. I f you have every made Jambalaya or Gumbo you know what I'm talking about.
This is easy and doesn't take any time at all. What ever fat you choose, brown the flour. Salt and pepper to taste and add milk or cream. How ever rich you want it to be.
You can poach, broil, or fry the fish some to bring out the flavor. At the end just add it to your sauce. Shrimp or Scallops or both are wonderful too.
I like my Asparagus when it still has a little crunch to it. Boil, microwave, broil, how ever you like to prepare it. Some good whole wheat toast ( choose your favorite). Lay a few spears on the toast and pour on the sauce. Oh Ya!
Any white fish will work. I choose tilapia or cod when I have had little luck catching the steal head.
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner this is a wonderful meal. I hardly ever have left overs and that's to bad. As with many dishes it gets better when warmed up the second time.
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