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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Prepare Deliciously Seasoned Chicken Drumsticks

 By Shawn Drewry


Preparing delicious chicken drumsticks that are well-seasoned is as easy as one, two three. First, what you'll need to do is clear out and clean your sink thoroughly. Then, once your sink is clean as a whistle, simply fill it half way with fresh water. After your sink is thoroughly filled half way with water, you'll need to pull out your favorite spices from your kitchen cabinet. Some of the best spices you can use for seasoning chicken is low-sodium meat tenderizer, terryaki sauce, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, light salt, Italian seasoning, and a few other creative and low sodium seasonings to marinate your chicken drumsticks in.

You'll need to let your chicken drumsticks soak in the sink so that it'll deplete chicken grease and any blood it had inside the packaging, and you can get the chicken clean. After the first set of water soaks up the blood and extra chicken grease from the drumsticks, simply drain the 1st set of water from the sink, and remove the drumsticks from the water. After the chicken is removed from the sink after the water has been drained and the chicken drumsticks have been cleaned thoroughly, simply get a pot, or large bowl, in prepping for the 2nd phase of marination.

When your drumsticks are drained and ready to be seasoned, place them in the pot or large bowl. By the time the chicken has been placed in there, the pot or bowl that the drumsticks will sit in should have a little bit of fresh water in it, accompanied by the seasonings you plan on using to season the chicken meat. After all the chicken drumsticks have been paced in the pot or bowl of choice, simply place the pot-top or a large plastic food covering over the food bowl, to cover up the meat. After the chicken has been covered in seasoning with a tid bit of water and either a pot top of food wrap, place the covered drumsticks in your refrigerator and let them marinate thoroughly for a few hours, or a day.

After you feel the marinated chicken drumsticks have been completely marinated and are ready for cooking, you can place them in a large steaming pot to steam them, or place on the grill to cook. If you decide to place them in a large steaming pot to cook, this ensures that you are bleeding extra sodium, and hidden fat that is in the drumsticks, thus, helping to reduce calories and fat in the chicken, so that you'll be eating virtually pure protein, without consuming extra sodium, calories and fat.

When cooking drumsticks by steaming or on the grill, it's also a healthy practice to remove the chicken skin from the drumsticks. This is another healthy approach in reducing fat consumption from food, and staying lean and healthy, in your fitness transformation efforts. Eat healthy for daily vitality and for the beat healthcare insurance in yourself!

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