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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Potato Make Ahead Appetizers

 By Christine Szalay Kudra


It is hard to beat easy party appetizers when you are planning a party. Whether sponsoring an event or hosting a small gathering, you will be glad to know that there are many recipes for make ahead appetizers. When trying to work out those last-minute details, it is good to know that the appetizers have already been taken care of. Some can be made the day before, and others can be prepared and frozen, ready to thaw or warm for serving when needed.

Some of the most delightful appetizers include popular foods like potato and chicken. The combination of chicken and potato blend into an incredible taste that wakens the taste buds, especially when accompanied with an accent of seasoned salt or sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese. Toss in an additional bit of garlic and onion to bring the flavor into greater focus and create one of the best and most requested appetizers you may ever create.

Potato wedges are an extremely popular type of appetizer and you will be surprised to find the number of different ways to create them. All sorts of meats, cheeses, and vegetables can be included in the mixture, and the assortment of spices is unlimited. A hint of white pepper can oftentimes be the secret ingredient that sets your appetizers apart from those created by others. It is always best to make appetizers by following the recipe exactly the first time you create it. Make notes on things you would like to add or change, and next time, experiment a little.

Make Ahead Potato Wedges

Russet potatoes are often on sale and make one of the best potatoes used for many recipes, including wedge appetizers. The earthy brown of the skin bakes nicely, making an attractive bottom layer or bowl for the ingredients on top or inside. Because of its strength it can hold a layered topping or a complete filling. Cheese of any type always goes with potato and the ability to reheat the appetizer in the oven or microwave makes it a popular item to have at any occasion. Appetizers that include potatoes are very attractive without garnishment or you can choose to add a dash of paprika or sprinkle of golden cheddar cheese or bit of chives or parsley.

When browsing through appetizer recipes, be alert for recipes to make dips. Dips are a valuable accompaniment to many appetizers, such as fresh or fried vegetables, pretzels, chips, and meats. One of the most requested dips is ranch dressing, which can be made from a packaged mix or found in the salad dressings section at your local grocery. Why not look for a recipe and see how you can put an extra kick in this already delicious item?

Sour cream is another basic that can be used to create dips. Because of the thicker consistency, it is a favorite basic starter, as well. You can add various liquids to make it creamier for easier dipping. It really depends on what type of appetizers you are serving on the platter. Sour cream also adds a flavor to deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and cheese fillings. When adjusting the amount in a recipe, do so in gradual stages until you find the perfect amount for your taste.

Practice makes perfect, so feel free to create appetizers when the mood strikes. Every day is cause for celebration and make ahead appetizers are the perfect way to acknowledge that fact.

Sausage and mushrooms are popular in easy party appetizers as well as in special holiday appetizers. If you enjoy cooking with meats, vegetables, spices and more, why not try out some easy make ahead appetizers? - You Make the Appetizers, We Help You Make Them Delicious

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