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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Tricks to Great Smoked Barbecue Salmon

By: Tony Mcrae 


Barbecue salmon is one of those dishes that most people are reluctant to try. Why? It is because they think there are many difficult steps in getting it done. The fact of the matter is that barbecue salmon is fairly easy to cook. You just need to take a few specific steps and you will have succulent salmon in no time. For those of us that like barbecue meat this is really a wonderful treat simply because it is so easy to complete. It's a fantastic alternative to the usual barbecue meat. A distinctive benefit of barbecue salmon is the fact that it's full of omega-3 fatty acids. And also you know that that is great for all of us carnivores.

Salmon cooked and smoked on a barbecue grill or a smoker is delicious. You want to cook it until the meat is moist and flaky. You will find three key steps to making perfect barbecue salmon. The first step and extremely key would be to use a light brine solution. Brining is really a process for marinating food in a saltsugar solution. The brine solution adds moisture to your meat. Since fish is so easy to ruin you need to take a preventative measure to keep it from drying out. Brining serves that purpose. One of the tricks to utilizing a brine would be to add some taste to it. You are able to add all kinds of spices the brine and it will give your food a special flavor.

The next vital step after brining would be to thoroughly dry the fish just before cooking. The easiest approach to do that's to let it air dry for about an hour before putting on the cooker. To give your fish that exclusive flavor you've to use a mild flavored wood for smoking. Applewood is a favorite but for a lot of people smoking salmon they preferred to make use of Alderwood.

It's important to make use of a great quality fish if you're planning to barbecue. Frozen is okay but fresh is better. You are able to get some pretty superior fresh salmon at the warehouse stores, such as Costco or Sam's. We have had great success utilizing their product. So do not waste your money purchase to a good quality fish if you're heading to go towards the lengths of smoking salmon.

If you would like to find out more about barbecue salmon then go to the website below. You can find some great recipes for smoking meat and fish.

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