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Friday, November 19, 2010

How Do You Cook Hamburgers On A Grill?

by Anthony Robert
Don't you just love the flavor of a juicy fresh grilled hamburger? I know I do!

It is summer time… No matter if it is fun in the park, fun at the beach, fun at the lake or fun by the pool at Grandma's house, we all want to picnic and have a good time. And the most popular of picnics include one of the many choices of hamburger recipes for the grill!

So how long do you cook hamburgers on a grill? What are good hamburger recipes for the grill? All great questions my friend! First things first though. You will want to get the grill ready. Go ahead and light up the charcoals, pop on the gas, or throw on the wood… Regardless of the grilling method you use… it needs to get hot and ready! What is important is nailing how long you cook hamburgers on the grill. Nothing ruins the fun more than a dry hockey puck you could choke on before you get to savor the flavor! Yuck! Did I mention YUCK?

There are several ways to keep this from happening so don't despair. I like to patty out my burgers in a nice thick ¼ to ½ inch patty. But before I do I like to doctor it up a bit. I add a little salt, pepper, adobo (for all of my Spanish friends), garlic powder or fresh garlic, some Worcestershire sauce and a touch of A-1 sauce. This adds a little kick to the flavor. I also find that it helps the hamburgers stay moist. Once all that is completed, doctor your grill a little. I brush a little olive oil on my grate to help keep them from sticking and I brush a little bit on the outside of my hamburger patties before I place them on the grill.

You need to be sure your grill is hot, but not too hot otherwise they will cook too fast and be done on the outside much faster than the inside. Then you have the whole new problem of burnt burgers! Not fun either! Once you place them on the grill you can leave them for about 10 minutes to go and cut up some nice onion, tomato and pickle slices. Put out your cheese, mayo, ketchup and mustard… You want to have great condiments to put on your hamburger. And once done, those kids will go through them faster than you can get ‘em ready!

So how long do you grill your hamburgers for perfection? I usually try and flip mine around 10 to 12 minutes, sometimes sooner… It depends on how hot the grill is and how fast they are cooking, so keep a careful eye on them. Once both sides are good and even, test them with a meat thermometer to be sure they are cooked well. E-coli bacteria is so dangerous these days and when you are out on a picnic with beef, you want to be extra careful! The normal temp should get to at least 160 degrees. And then if you have friends who like them a little medium or medium rare, you have done your best to give them delicious AND healthy burgers.

Oh, and one of my favorite hamburger recipes for the grill are the all out "gourmet" burgers. This is for when you are home grilling and can get creative. Take a little bit of red wine… some for the ingredients of the burger, (some for you!), some for the sautéed onions, garlic and mushrooms, (some more for you!) and oh yeah… some for your guest! Then serve your burger with a nice aged Swiss cheese and Kaiser or Onion roll, some mood music and candle light… WOW, you won't be disappointed! ;-)

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