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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dry Aged Beef A Delicious Obsession

Whether you are eating a sirloin steak, a sirloin tip roast or some other cut of beef, the fans of dry aged beef will travel far and wide to get the taste that they love. Usually dry aged beef that is aged over two weeks can create much higher prices for the consumer. But if you love the taste, texture and tenderness of this process, whether with sirloin steaks or a sirloin tip roast, you will pay the difference. Today, because of meat companies that sell on the internet, it is simple to have this delicious dry aged beef delivered right to your door.

When a cut of meat is about to be created into dry aged beef, it is placed in an exact temperature and humidity. Whether it’s sirloin steak or some other cut of beef, the moisture from the meat evaporates concentrating the flavor greatly. The natural enzymes break down the tissue which allows a much more tender piece of beef to emerge even if it’s a sirloin tip roast. Finally, after weeks of observing this meat, the butcher trims the crust off of the meat that has built up over the weeks. This leaves a piece of beef, whether it’s a sirloin steak or another cut, costing more because of this process.

After the above process is culminated, the dry aged beef will have a much stronger flavor than wet aged beef which truly becomes addicting. Along with the incredible flavor, the beef is very tender and the texture melts in your mouth. Also, some dry aged beef is aged for 2 weeks while others are aged for 3 or more. The longer the cut of beef is in this process, the stronger the flavor it will have.

Many people who have become dry aged beef lovers will not eat anything but beef or steaks aged with this process. To them, this method is superior to any other and they demand their sirloin steak or other cut of beef to have this distinct flavor and mouth watering tenderness. Of course, there are those who would disagree, but the majority of people that have grown to love this taste find that they cannot eat anything but dry aged beef. Just be aware that all beef is not created equal and you might just find that beef aged this way is your new obsession.

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