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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cooking Techniques For the Perfect Steak

By Pauline Go

Once you have mastered the cooking techniques for a perfect steak, you will want to eat one everyday. Cooking the steak in a perfect manner should result in a very juicy and flavorful steak. The perfect steak should never be overcooked and hence, the use of a meat thermometer is an essential part of cooking the perfect steak.

The most convenient ways to cook a perfect steak are grilling, pan searing, and sear roasting. For grilling your steak, apply some non sticky oil onto the grill to prevent your steak from sticking to it. Place the steak on the burning hot grill. Resist from pressing the beef from metal spatula or anything else. Flip your steaks for once. Give them 5-6 minutes to cook each side, season them.

To check the doneness of the steak, use the meat thermometer. This will give you the indication whether the meat is cooked or not.

Another way of cooking perfect steaks is pan-searing, which consist of the same procedure as in grilling but using a pan. Use non sticky oil before you start cooking. Cook the steaks for 5-6 minutes per side, and again use the meat thermometer to figure out whether the steak is done.

Sear-roasting starts with preheating the oven to 500 F. Then carefully place the steaks into the pan at such high temperature and heat them for 1-2 minutes each side. Again use the meat thermometer as described above.

One important thing common in all these techniques is after using the meat thermometer, take out steaks from the heat source 15 minutes before the serving. This is because once the steaks are removed, you find their temperature rising 5- 10 degrees.

Remember, cooking perfect steaks should cause your steaks to turn brown making the juices concentrated, which gives the meat a rich and delicious flavor.

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